John Cleese Three Failed Marriages Finally Lucky To Find Love

John Cleese reveals his first love. The English actor and comedian, who achieved much success at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and as a scriptwriter and performer on The Frost Report has talked badly towards his three past marriages which have failed now saying he was never really in love until now with his current wife Jennifer Wade. The seventy five year old was born into a family of modest means, his father being an insurance salesman has gushed,

“It’s very nice to be in love at my age,” the 75-year-old gushes about his relationship with jewellery designer Jenny.

“It makes almost everything else seem relatively unimportant. I’d never had that experience before. I’ve never had this sort of connection before…

“I think [?rst wife] Connie and I had a sense of laughter – with Barbara [wife No 2] not so much.

Alyce Faye [third wife of 16 years, whose acrimonious divorce from him left John £12million poorer] could be a little playful sometimes but it was a much more arti?cial relationship.

I think [?rst wife] Connie and I had a sense of laughter – with Barbara [wife No 2] not so much.
John Cleese

We were both playing a role and it wasn’t very authentic,

.” He adds to The Lady magazine:

“There wasn’t anything badly wrong with my former relationships but I’ve realised that to love and be loved is a transformative experience and I’m not sure how many people are lucky enough to undergo it.

”Father-of-two John says he’s just happy to have recaptured the “wonder” of childhood with Jenny, 44, whom he married in Mustique in 2012.

“It’s quite extraordinary – our relationship is immensely playful. I look at other 75-year-

More on Cleese, he went to private school and he had been tormented because of his unusual height of six feet by the age of twelve, he loved humor in and of itself, collected jokes and he was devoted to the radio comedy show, “The Goon Show”.

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