Hugh Jackman Skype’s His Pets Dali and Allegra!

Hugh Jackman reveals ‘I video call my dogs’ The forty six year old is an Australian actor and he is best known for his role as Wolverine says when he is away he misses his pets called Dali and Allegra so what he does is he Skype’s them just to see their faces. The Real Steel star also joked around saying maybe his fans prefer to see his pets them him, he said,

”I do Skype my dogs. I love that, the whole Skype, Facetime thing. Technology is great.” In an anecdote about meeting fans after a recent theatre performance, he added:

”You know, your fans find a way and they come every night to see you. It wasn’t for me. They’re asking about, ‘The dogs, – when are the dogs coming?’ Because I was taking the puppy into the theatre.

”They came to see the puppy. They didn’t care about me. I mean I love my dogs, I get it, they’re way more interesting than me.”

Th star and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness have two children together, fourteen year old Oscar and nine year old Ava is now taking care of himself more than he ever because last year he had to get four skin cancers removed, he says he is now,

a ”madman” for suntan lotion.

Speaking to Magic Radio’s Jo Parkerson, he added:

”I’m a madman for sunscreen. The last year I’ve had four skin cancers cut off. So my misspent youth in Australia, it doesn’t actually matter where you are, as a kid you’ve just got to wear sunscreen.

”I’ve got a young daughter; now I’m going to be all over her like a rash when she gets to be a teenager because I used to be bad.”

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