Harrison Ford, Injured Following Crashing Plane On Golf Course

Harrison Ford crashes plane, leaves him injured. The star, who gained worldwide fame for his Star Wars role as Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Airforce One was reportedly conscious and breathing following crashing a small plane on a California golf course.

 Authorities said the single-engine plane went down about 2:30pm on Thursday on the green at Penmar golf course in the Venice area of Los Angeles.

“We can confirm that there was a plane crash and the male occupant was a 65-70-years-old man. He was transported to a local hospital in stable condition,” said Officer Nuria Vanegas, a Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman, said.

“The incident was reported at 2:25pm, it was mechanical failure of plane, that’s what caused the accident,” Vanegas said.

Assistant Los Angeles Fire Chief Patrick Butler reported that the plane struck a tree as it crashed on to the golf course.

Butler said the sole occupant of the plane was conscious and breathing following the crash and was initially tended to be bystanders before paramedics responded and transported him to a local hospital in “fair to moderate” condition.

Paramedics “initiated spinal mobilisation, started an IV and began all the necessary medical protocols that we do,” Butler said.

According to TMZ the seventy two year old had suffered multiple gashes to his head.

The course is just west of a runway. But there is no word yet on whether the plane had taken off or was trying to land.

The plane, which was yellow with stars on its wings, appeared to be a Ryan PT-22 Recruit, a vintage plane used for training during the second world war. It was mostly intact.

On board the plane was just the actor and reported no one was hurt on the ground.

Carlos Lugo, 63, said he was playing golf at the course when he saw a plane that he believed had taken off from nearby Santa Monica airport lose power and turn around in an apparent attempt to return to the runway.

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