Felicity Huffman’s Nearly Changed Her Acting dream To Hairdresser

Felicity Huffman‘s hairdressing dream. Huffman is an American film, stage, and television actress, she started off her career in theater and starred in the ABC comedy-drama Sports Night and one time she nearly became a hairdresser. The actress, who starred on the popular comedy-drama Desperate Housewives reveals taht she was getting so tired of not being given any acting jobs taht she decided to pick up a Marinello Schools of Beauty application hoping she would secure a place on their hairdressing course.

She said:

”Like any freelancer, your last job is always your last job. I moved to LA from New York where I was a stage actor and I could not get arrested – not literally.

”And I finally went, ‘OK that’s it’ and I drove into the parking lot of Marinello Schools of Beauty and I went in and I got an application ’cause I was going to do hairdressing because that’s another talent of mine.

”And I got the application and I got back into the car and I think I hadn’t worked for almost two years and I got a call that I got a job right when I got back in the car.”

Although she did receive the job offer, the fifty two year old still said i was quite difficult to go find another dream for herself.

Speaking on Live! With Kelly and Michael, she said:

”It’s hard because sometimes you’ve got to get a new dream.

”Sometimes when you just can’t get it – you can’t get a job, you can’t do what you love to do – then you’ve got to get a new dream.”

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