Conor Maynard Bloodied And Scratched In Thorn Bush Cat Rescue

Conor Maynard left bloodied and scratched in cat rescue. The former child actor, who is a Brighton, England native and his cat (Aslan) had been nit seen for two days and we was spotted in her thorn bush and Maynard tried to rescue him fro it leaving him bloodied. The Royalty vocalist went on the two-day hunt to find him enduring the prickly plant, leaving him with some horrible consequences.

Posting a photo of him bare-chested and showing off his wounds, he posted on Twitter: ”After 2 days of being missing, I found Aslan in a thorn bush, I got him after quite a battle…he doesn’t give a f**k (sic)”

The white and ginger cat took no notice of his owner’s scars as the singer posted another snap of Aslan enjoying a lovely stretch on his kitchen floor.

Conor is a keen Twitter user and although most of his interactions ate positive ones he finds it easy to ignore any mean comments he receives because he’s used to be mercilessly tormented by his friends.

He recently revealed:

”People ask me when you get hate on Twitter how do you not get upset? And I say, ‘Because my friends are worse.’

”Like if there’s a bad picture of me on the internet, I’ve got a group chat with all my friends and one of them will just send it in.”

Maynard’s parents a builder and office worker. He is a presenter of Made in Bristol.

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