Charli Xcx Suffered Years Because Of A Petrifying Bullying

Charli Xcx suffered many years of bullying. She is a British singer, and she reveals that she had been at the hands of “petrifying” bully.The vocalist, real name, Charlotte Aitchison known for her hit song The Bloom Cap has revealed during her school day she was too afraid to attend because of one girl’s actions, who also put nasty comments over social networks like She has also reportedly said that when the day comes that she is a mother, she will not allow her children to use the Internet,

She tells Britain’s Style magazine,

“It was this crazy girl – she was petrifying. I was scared to come to school. That was when I was eight or nine. And then I had issues with the same girl when I was in my teens, and that could spew out on to Facebook.

“I would not let my child on the Internet. I would make them write letters to their friends.”

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