Casey Kasem’s Children Demanding Arrest Of His Legendary Dj Widow

Casey Kasem‘s children are demanding arrest of his widow. Kasem was a legendary disc jockey, music historian and radio celebrity, best known for the host of Casey’s Top 40, and they want to see her charged with elder abuse. Kasem’s daughter was standing on a Los Angeles downtown courthouse steps demanding that her stepmother be prosecuted for this reason.

Kerri Kasem told gathered reporters that she and her siblings have evidence to show Jean Kasem‘s mistreatment of their elderly father caused his death last June. Cops launched an investigation shortly after his death, but according to his children, the case has since stalled.

She was backed by a dozen supporters holding signs that read,

“Justice For Casey! Stop Elder Abuse!”

The star was eighty two year sold at the time of his death last June, he died at Gig Harbor, Washington, hospital,

It is reported that it began when his wife checked him out of a Santa Monica, California, nursing home and allegedly took him on “a wild ride” last May. Kerri won control of her father’s medical care in a court battle in the last days before his death.

Santa Monica police did acknowledge last year that they were looking into the circumstances of Kasem’s care. Investigators, however, were never able to examine his remains since his wife shipped his body out of the United States to Norway, with a stop in Canada.

A private investigator for his children claimed in December that police had handed over their findings to the Los Angeles district attorney. But the DA now insists they do not have the case, and a olive spokesperson said the investigation is still ongoing.

Jean Kasem is denying all such charges of wrongdoing.

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