Carry On’s Anita Harris Reportedly Declared Bankrupt

Anita Harris declares bankruptcy. You may remember the English actress, who sang with the Cliff Adams Singers had unpaid taxes. The star also appeared in the Carry On films Follow That Camel and Carry On Doctor and she and her husband, television director Mike Margolis,

had a bankruptcy petition filed against them by the taxman at Kingston upon Thames County Court, according to a report in the Mail on Sunday.
The actress reportedly owes more than £14,000, while Mr Margolis has personal liabilities in excess of £25,000.

Harris has fallen on bad times also in the past,

In 1985 she and her husband lost all of their savings thanks to the collapse of a Swiss-based bank. More recently, in 2007, the couple sold their home in the affluent London suburb of Barnes for £913,000 to pay off debts.

A spokesman for the Insolvency Service said: “The bankruptcy petition against Anita Harris and Michael Margolis was filed by solicitors acting on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs.”

Phillip Sykes, vice-president of R3, the insolvency trade body, said: “Bankruptcies of TV personalities, actors and actresses and ex-footballers often grab the headlines, but really their financial problems are very similar to other self-employed people around the country. One of the main triggers for bankruptcy is an unpaid tax bill: it’s a risk for self-employed people to fail to keep enough cash available at the end of the year to pay their tax bill.”

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