Bruce Jenner Involved In fatal Car Accident, Luckily He’s Uninjured

Bruce Jenner has been in a fatal Malibu car crash, however the former U.S. track and field athlete and current television personality was lucky he wasn’t injured. The crash that occurred.was a three or four-car crash on Pacific Coast Highway on Saturday close to his home in Malibu, California. The sixty five year old former gold medal winner escaped injuries, however a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson has confirmed to People that at least one person has died.

“It was a fatal crash at P.C.H., and it’s going to be closed for a few hours,” they said. “Traffic is stopped in both directions.”

A witness on the scene confirmed to PEOPLE that Jenner appeared to be uninjured.

“Bruce seemed physically okay after the accident, but he acted extremely concerned about the other people involved,” the witness said. “There was one fatality and several other people were injured.”

“Bruce walked around the accident scene without obvious injuries, but his car was damaged,” they continued. “He did not cause the accident and was instead involved in a chain reaction.”

Photos showed damage on the front end of Jenner’s Escalade. However, the majority of the damage appeared to be suffered by a white Lexus and a black Hummer.

It appeared that Jenner was towing a dune buggy at the time of the accident.

More on Jenner it has been reported that he is on his way to being a woman.

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