Brian Blessed To Have Heart Surgery Following Collapse

Brian Blessed, seventy eight year old English actor, very well known for his sonorous voice and “hearty, king-sized portrayals” says he wants to live to one hundred and ten. The star has been on many adventures during his life and he believes this is what caused his on stage collapse, he has climbed Everest, scaled mountains and volcanoes and trained as an astronaut and now he wants to tackle more adventures, next week he will have heart surgery.

… I’ve put my heart under severe strain”

It was during the time he was playing King Lear last month. He has revealed that he is getting treatment abroad ad it is a procedure would involve a “new invention from Germany”.

The actor added:

“They’ve promised it will make me feel like a 25-year-old for the next 30 years.

“I had severe fibrillation, but the reason is this old bugger has climbed Everest three times, walked across the North Pole, scaled mountains and ­volcanoes and trained as an astronaut.

“I’ve taken terrible risks, and I’ve put my heart under severe strain.

“But do you know what… my heart has been voted by Prince Phillip’s surgeons as the strongest they’ve seen in a man of my age.”

Fibrillation causes an irregular heartbeat, but Brian hopes the surgery will help him go on more adventures.

He joked:

“I love life – there’s no such thing as death. I want to live until I’m 110.

“At the moment I’m a bit of out of breath, but once I’ve had the work done and have had a short break, I’ll be planning my next trip to Everest and a mission to Mars.”

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