Josh Grisetti, Worst Nightmare Gave Him Strength On His Broadway Journey (Watch Video)

Josh Grisetti, his worst nightmare has provided him strength for his Journey to Broadway. He is American actor involved in theatre, television and film is now back on track as he did face some of the same struggles in the world of television, first during its first season of The Knights of Prosperity, it had been canceled.

“Because I’ve been around in the theatre community for a decade now, for whatever reason, [It Shoulda Been You] doesn’t feel like a Broadway debut as much as it feels like it’s just me working again,” he says. “It’s hard to explain. I had a friend, who just graduated college last spring, and she just went into Les Miz as a replacement, and I could see this sort of youthful excitement…for just coming right out of the gate and achieving this childhood dream of being on Broadway… As I watched it, that was actually a little sad for me because I was like, ‘I don’t get to have that!’ My story and my journey just took a completely different path, so I never got to have that really sentimental, overly romantic version of a Broadway debut. Instead, I got the hard-actors path to get to it if that makes sense. And, it’s still unique and really fulfilling and rewarding in its own way; it’s just completely different.”

He also starred in the new Broadway wedding comedy It Shoulda Been You with his first performance,

was last week on March 17, but he feels that his Broadway journey won’t be complete until he hits his April 14 opening night.

“Although we’ve opened for previews now, and I can say, ‘Yeah, I’ve been on Broadway now,’ I feel like it’s still not official till opening night,” says Grisetti. “Until April 14, I’m still not quite counting the chickens before the eggs have hatched. I would say the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is the sigh of relief on April 14, when I can say, ‘Yes, I have opened on Broadway.’”

His advice to other actors who have experienced similar highs and lows:

“Be prepared to persevere and to not compare yourself to the people around you because there are going to be people who book a Broadway show right out of college, and then there are going to be people who will struggle for 15 years before booking anything that makes them money in the business. Just know that you could fall anywhere in that spectrum, and it doesn’t have anything to do with your talent necessarily. So much of it is about timing — talent and timing — so if you go into it with that expectation, I think you’re going to set yourself up for a more relaxing ride.”
Looking back on his false start, he says, “It really deepened my resolve for doing what I set out to do when I was young, which was become an actor. And, it really solidified that if I could make it through that experience and still want to remain in this business pursuing this dream, there’s nothing else that could possibly stop me. I’ve seen the worst of it.

“I hate to get so heady about it, but [performing is] a little existential because you’re discovering things about yourself through every role you play… There aren’t many more profound things in life than figuring out who you are, so if theatre is a way that I can do that — and kind of the only way I have found to do that so far — I don’t think that it’s any wonder that I’m addicted to it and at a place where I can’t really leave it. It would take a very profound thing to get me to leave at this point.”

Wach Video ”Being Alive” – Josh Grisetti

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He also was seen in the Off-Broadway revival of Rent and joined the cast of Peter and the Starcatcher for its Off-Broadway return.

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