Tom Hardy Thought He Would Have Ended Up In Jail!

Tom Hardy had thought he would wind up in jail. He is an actor known for roles in Wuthering Heights and Mad Max franchise. Well he believes this would have come true if he didn’t become an actor. At this time he is very wanted in Hollywood, and he admits that is rise to the top came along with some bad things, ”desperation”, reckless behaviour and addiction. He told Total Film magazine:

”I was supported by an artistic family, a creative family, but my personal journey to becoming an actor was one of desperation. Like, ‘This boy has to do something or he’ll end up in jail!’

”And I’m very, very fortunate to be here today. My own personal story is exactly that – personal. But becoming an actor was not very far from what I was doing, but now I’ve found a medium where I can channel that into more constructive means, which is art and acting.

”As opposed to fantasising and acting out in the world, and causing all kinds of mayhem – which I don’t do.”

The British actor also confesses he started getting ahead of himself at the first signs of his career and was in the middle of the shady side of the film industry.

The 36-year-old star candidly explained:

”I was white-knuckling when I was younger. There are some people who are more susceptible and less susceptible to stimulus. And I was very reactionary. I don’t have a lot of skin. I’ve learnt as I grow older to be less ‘jumping’ at everything.

”I had a brief stint with the Americans, with Hollywood, the movie industry, with ‘Star Trek’. And the first year after drama school, I had ‘Black Hawk Down’ and ‘Band of Brothers’, and then ‘Star Trek’. And I was like, ‘This is it! Straight out of drama school, here we go!’

”But I had no idea of how to handle the industry, to interact with producers, executive producers, studios, even my fellow men! I was 24 – punching way above my weight. And it’s taken being someone’s dad, being divorced, going to rehab, having mortgages, playing different characters, doing theatre, waiting and then it not happening.”

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