The Best Way to Sell Designer Clothes Online

The Best Way to Sell Designer Clothes Online

Fashionistas from all over the world have found a way to connect with designer consignment shops online. Many have taken to conscious consumerism by recycling their gently used designer clothes through these shops that specialize in the high end designer clothing and accessory market. Through these shops, you can buy, sell and trade your items and in some cases just get inspired as you look through the virtual closets of fashion industry insiders or other casual fashionistas throughout the world.

There are a few markets that allow you to exchange or swap designer items with other interested parties. If you have an item you feel equals something you want, you can make a request to the owner. There are other sites that work similarly to auction sites like eBay in which you can make an offer on the item you want so that you can get a bargain. This situation is a matter of not being outbid and taking your chance that the owner accepts your offer.

Of course, you also may want to sell designer clothes and make some extra cash from your gently used items. When this is your goal, you can go to a site such as Walk in My Closet to have your items listed. If you are an experienced seller, you may consider going with a direct sales option. With this option, you only have to have your items approved for listing and the shop will send you prepaid shipping labels to use when your item sells.

If you want to present your items in the best light possible, you can look into the concierge service. However, this means you have to send your items to the shop after they are approved. The company takes care of photographing the items and retouching the photos before listing them online. It also does the processing, shipping and handling when your item sells. In deciding which option works better, you not only need to consider your selling experience but also how much of a commission you are willing to pay.

When you want to sell designer clothes and accessories, you need to pay attention to their condition. Gently used clothes means they need to look as close to brand new as possible. Check your items for stains, tears, rips, holes and other imperfections that can mean a consignment shop will reject the item. You may need to dry clean or otherwise take care of these items before they are listed to make sure you draw interest in them.

You can also do fun things besides sell designer clothes when you visit these online consignment shops. You can get inspired by the fashions you see and even hunt for vintage items for your wardrobe. Creating virtual closets is also a popular activity among fashionistas. In fact, fashion insiders like designers, photographers, fashion editors and others often place their collections online, so you can get a look at what the experts are wearing. The market has expanded, so anyone can find designer gear.

Ashley Green wrote this article for us.

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