Taylor Swift’s Temporary Restraining Order Extended!

Taylor Swift’s restraining order has been extended. The Love Story singer’s stalker will have to stay as far from her for three more years as this has been ordered. at first the twenty four year old had obtained a temporary one against person in question Timothy Sweet, but now during a Tuesday hearing in Los Angeles on March 25, 2014 a judge informed him that he also has to slaty back one hundred yards and to keep away from her parents Andrea and Scott.

What Swift has claimed is that thirty three year old Sweet hasn’t left her alone since 2012, he has sent dozens of emails, letters and writing social media posts declaring his love for her. When she first filed papers earlier this month in LA’s Superior Court earlier this, she stressed how

  ”seriously alarming and harassing” and the constant messages and phone calls were ”extremely distressing to me and my family.”

She added that she did,

”not have desire to interact with or communicate in any way with Mr. Sweet.”

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