Taylor Swift Admits Her Biggest Mistakes Have Been Her Biggest Triumphs

Taylor Swift says ‘Mistakes are good for you’. The popular Country star, twenty four years old admits that some of her ‘biggest mistakes’ that she had made have in fact been the ‘best lessons’ of her life. Swift says that she always finds the positive side to all situations as she did experience bullying when she was a teen during her school years, boyfriends broke her heart, these heartfelt experiences to make herself a better person and a better artist.

Speaking to ASOS magazine, she said:

”As much as I would really like to have saved myself heartache, embarrassment or gossip, I also know that my biggest mistakes have turned into my best lessons and sometimes my greatest career triumphs,

”The songs I’ve written about moments of humiliation, embarrassment or devastation have gotten me the greatest sense of clarity. If my life had been turbulence free, no bumps in the road at all, maybe my music would be more beige, maybe the stadiums wouldn’t be so full and the mantle would be a little more empty.”

Taylor’s past relationships have been with One Direction’s Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer, however she has,

- has regrets and has learnt to deal with them and she is always wary of people who claim they don’t have haven’t made mistakes.
The ‘Shake It Off’ singer added: ”I can’t stand having regrets but you’re supposed to have them. Anybody who tells you they went through life without regret or error, isn’t telling you the truth and they shouldn’t be trusted.”

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