Strictly Come Dancing Bruce Forsyth ‘Said He Felt Like Stale Fruit’

Bruce Forsyth ‘Said he felt like stale fruit’ ‘he couldn’t go on. He is s well known English television presenter and entertainment, for this he had to walk away from Strictly Come Dancing. The eighty six year old has his own concerns for his health if he continued with the show. He announced the news just earlier this year saying that if he went onto the twelfth season he would have been so drained. He Co hosted for eleven years, he admits that the rigors of working were too much to bear.

‘You do start to feel a bit stale, like a bit of fruit you’ve put in a bowl’ he told Laura Armstrong of The Sun. ‘You look at it one day and you think, ‘Oh, that’s going off.’’

He said:

‘I had to announce each couple, run upstairs for their dance, rush down to talk to the judges, rush upstairs for the scores, rush down to introduce the next pair. If there were 16 couples I would do that 40 or 50 times a show.

‘When you are working the adrenaline gets you through. I never came off asking for an oxygen mask. But I knew at the end of the last series it would be the end for me.’

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