Stella McCartney Challenge Of Childrenswear Is Fulfilling

Image1Stella McCartney loves the challenge of children-swear. She is a known English fashion designer and she is the daughter of legendary Paul MaCartney from the Beatles, and she just enjoys different designing for children is compared to crafting her ready-to-wear collections. Since she launched it in 2010 it has been a huge success, getting enjoyment out of creating functional yet quality looks that appeal to both youngsters and to also their parents. She explained in an interview with

”Because I am a mother, designing kids clothes is something personal to me and seeing my kids wearing something I’ve designed is very fulfilling. With the kids’ collection we really try to focus on great quality with an accessible price point in styles that appeal to both parents and kids.

”It needs to be realistic, the kind of clothes children actually want to wear and have fun in with the quality and functionality is important to parents.”

She has four young children with her husband Alasdhair Willis, she says she would like t inspire the new generation of children with bringing out a new collection, which she got inspiration from her upcoming Angelina Jolie-fronted Disney movie, ‘Maleficent’. She said:

”When we went to the set, Angelina was in full costume and all the kids were terrified of her, but at the same time it was absolutely brilliant.

”She’s a baddy with an unusual sense of goodness inside of her and I wanted the Maleficent dress to embody both the cheekiness and strength of character that she possesses.”

Her collection is made up of eight different looks for both boys and girls aged four to fourteen.

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