Stacy Keibler Never Thought She Settle Down

Stacy Keibler never thought she married. She is an actress, model and former professional wrestler and she didn’t think this would happen to her or she would even have children. The thirty four year old former contestant of Dancing with the Stars and Jared Pobre are expecting their first child together, she broke up with actor George Clooney last year and she also sadi that it wasn’t in her plans to settle down until she met her new husband. She told the June/July issue of Fit Pregnancy magazine:

”Before we met, both Jared and I had told our parents we didn’t think we’d ever get married or have kids, but when you’re with the right person, everything changes.”

She added:

”My epiphany happened shortly after Jared and I started dating and, once we both knew, we didn’t hesitate — I just knew I was ready and that there’s no one else in the world I would want to do this with.”

The couple will be welcoming a baby girl, and married in a secret ceremony in Mexico in March and Stacy has no doubt Jared will be a good father.She said:

”Jared is the most thoughtful, loving, kind person. I couldn’t ask for a better father for my children. Our bond is so strong and special and getting pregnant has made it even more so. It’s been so much fun preparing to become new parents together.”

She says she is enjoying her pregnancy feeling very energetic. She said:

”I haven’t felt sick or tired so far — instead, I’ve had an enthusiastic spark that I’ve been harnessing through exercise.

”I’ve always been conscious of what I put into my body, but now that I’m pregnant I can recognize the positive effects that effort has had.”

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