Sofia Vergara Would Like To Undergo Hypnosis.

Sofia Vergara wants to undergo hypnosis. She is a Colombian actress, comedian, television hostess, and model and the reason she would like to do this is to cure her sweet tooth. The former Smurfs actress says there is only one reason she works out and it is because she can eat all the cake she wants then. The forty two year old has thought hard about seeing a specialist to help her with her candy obsession.

She expressed in the November issue of Shape magazine:

”I heard about someone in L.A. who got hypnotized so they wouldn’t eat candy. I’m seriously looking into that because I’m obsessed.”

The star is in a relationship with ‘Magic Mike’ star Joe Manganiello, feels her figure was always fine, however two years ago her Co-star Julie Bowen for inspired to get fit and because she has bad needs she i not able to run or do traditional squats, because of this she trains with a Pilates-like machine called the Megaformer. She said:

”I hit 40 and I started seeing a softness everywhere on my body … I knew it was time to do something, so I did.
”Being around Julie and seeing how motivated she is … I started to think more about it.”
She added: ”When I do indulge, I exercise a bit harder the next day. My workout motto is really simple: No pain, no cake!”

She added: ‘

‘I don’t love it at all, but I love how my body’s changing.
”My body is looking better than it used to, but I wish I had worked out more when I was younger and taken it as seriously as I do now. My niece is 21 and she loves exercising, and I tell her, ‘Keep doing it so you don’t have to go crazy with it when you’re my age!’ ”

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