Snooki’s Finance Wanted Rhab Following Blacking Out And Locking Lips With Her Pal

resizedimageSnooki‘s fiancé tried to make her go to rehab. The reality television personality, best known for being a cast member on the reality show Jersey Shore’s finance Jionni Lavalle was insisting on it after she was drunk on a night out, after she had given birth to a little boy called Lorenzo. last year in August. She came close to to doing so much damage to their relationship, during this incident she blacked out and kissed her pal Jenni Farley.

Writing in her new book ‘Baby Bumps’, she said: ”About a month after Lorenzo was born, I went on a girls’ night out …

”After being a saint for ten months, I had no idea what my tolerance level was any more. I blacked out, and only found out what happened the next day.

”Apparently, I managed to pack a lot of trouble into just a few hours … I knew it had been filmed and that Jionni would find out the truth. I had to tell him what happened, but I didn’t have the mental focus or strong stomach to say it to his face.”
She admits she text messaged him while they were sitting next to each other on the sofa, which resulted in him telling her to stay away from him and their son.

She added:

”Jionni had also mentioned something about rehab.

”Hysterical, I took a drive around the block and called Jenni. She was on my side, of course … Jenni said, ‘Jionni chose to be with you; he chose to get you pregnant; he chose to propose to you. He has to choose to be with the real you. You don’t need rehab. You just need a break.”

The twenty six year old reveals that she and Jenni had a heart to heart, and promised her drinking days were done, because the risk of losing her family is not worth it.

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