‘Silicon Valley’ T.J. Miller Speaks About Painful Marriage Proposal: “It Hurt So Much”

T.J. Miller talks about his feelings on marriage proposal. The Silicon Valley star became engaged to his girlfriend Kate Gorney in 2014. The stand-up comedian expresses ‘it hurt so much’ maybe it just doesn’t live up to all the hype. The star explained to Conan’s Conan O’Brien on Tuesday this is how the process felt. When thirty three year old star was talking to Conan he started telling him that his colorful socks,

“were given to me by my wife…”

He quickly corrected himself, though, comically struggling (and failing) at a pronunciation of fiancée.

“Well,” he admitted, “I call her my wife because I don’t know how to pronounce…[fiancée].”

Hey, it’s a tough one. And T.J. might not know how to say the word, but he wanted to make sure the woman who would become his [fiancée] had a memorable engagement experience! So, he took his future bride-to-be to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art,

“because she is a work of art,” he said, smiling as the audience cooed over his line.

It wasn’t all picture-perfect, though.

“What they don’t tell you,” he said, “is that when you get down on your knee to propose, just don’t do it so quickly. I went down fast, and it really hurt my knee.”

He proposed beneath a rock inside the museum—”which doesn’t make any sense,

” he said—which meant his knee came crashing down on a concrete floor. He couldn’t resist a corny joke, though, saying, “I was between a rock and a hard place!”

In any case, though, he powered through the pain.

“I went down fast,” he reiterated, “and I went down hard, and it hurt so much…You have to hide that because it’s a really romantic moment.”

He dramatically reenacted how he grunted, groaned and moaned through the proposal.

“But I got through it, and she said yes, which was really exciting,” he said, clarifying, “Well, she didn’t say yes, she said, ‘Well, OK.’ But we’re really, really excited.”

He explained to Conan, though, that “as soon as you get engaged, the next thing is, everyone says,

‘Well, when’s the wedding date?’ After that, everyone’s dying to know when children are coming into the picture.”

“And once you have kids,” T.J. said, “they say, ‘It’s all downhill from here on out!’

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