Shia LaBeouf’s Uncle Has Filed Appeal!

Shia LaBeouf’s uncle files an appeal, The former Disney star of Even Stevens own family member has started the appeal against an order to pay the Holes actor which was for an eight thousand dollar loan. The person in question. Barry Saide had been given the order to pay back the amount plus on top of that nine per cent interest last month during a court case. However a judge was told that the pair has an agreement at first that the money from 20-09 would be payed in installments of $53,333, nut it was never done. Now Saide was a reconsideration by the judge  and wants to pay back in an alternative to money. Documents filed on Wednesday (26.03.14) and obtained by state:

”The alleged Promissory Installment Note is not an unconditional promise to pay which may form the basis for a motion for summary judgment in lieu of complaint… By its terms, the alleged Promissory Installment Note provides specifically that there I an alternative to the payment of money only.”

He is saying that the ruling has been made incorrectly by the judge because he didn’t pay attention to a part of his original agreement which said that he could repay the loan with personal property, he also talked about the original argument in which he stated he transferred interest in four companies in lieu of cash, the appeal has not had a ruling as of yet. He also said that it was a surprise that the twenty seven year old actually went this far against him, and taking money would have been the last thing he did if he thought this would happen.

In an affidavsit, he reportedly said:

”Had I thought that Shayne and Shia would take this extraordinary step and seek to impoverish me, I never would have borrowed a dollar from Shia.”

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