Shia LaBeouf’s Actions Reflect On Fame Pressure As Child Star

Shia LaBeouf’s actions come down to fame pressure. The former Disney Channel series Even Stevens star’s most recent bad behavior reportedly is over pressure built up in side of him because he was a child star. Holes was his film debut and his Co star Siobhan Fallen Hogan says her opinion about his reckless actions have been spurred on his inability to deal with fame from such a young age. Siobhan, who played Tiffany Yelnats in the Disney movie, told the New York Post newspaper:

”I think there’s a ton of pressure when you’re in the acting business. It’s hard growing up acting — being a child actor. There’s pressure to act the right way.

”And there’s so much attention from the press that, if you make one wrong move, it’s under a microscope. I can see that being hard for him.”

He gained is fame at the age of fourteen, had been arrested earlier this week at a Broadway theatre,

supposedly he had been yelling offensive language and slapping people’s bottoms during a performance of ‘Cabaret’ at Studio 54 in New York City.

Shia was charged with harassment, disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing, and is set to appear in court on July 24.
Earlier this month he was also reportedly banned from The Local Peasant in Sherman Oaks, California, after he was allegedly caught peeing up against a wall.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Shia stormed out of a ‘Nymphomaniac’ press conference in Berlin, before arriving on the red carpet for the film’s German premiere wearing a paper bag on his head that read, ”I am not famous any more.”

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