Shailene Woodley Likes LIving A ‘Low-Key Life’

Shailene Woodley lives a ‘low-key life’. The twenty two year old star is from the series The Secret Life of the American Teenager. But she gained allot of fame when she appeared in The ‘The Descendants’ alongside George Clooney, being thrown into the limelight is not what she wants, she prefers to be on a beach than at a glamorous showbiz event with other high-profile stars. Speaking to Company magazine, she said:

 ”I don’t really participate in any of the hoopla.

”I lead a fairly low-key life – I’m a beach girl and the idea of putting on a dress and heels when I could be on the beach just doesn’t appeal to me!”

She also says that she has kept a level-headed over the last three years because she has ignored all negative comments focusing on her career. She explained:

”Someone once told me that it’s none of my business what anyone else thinks of me. That was an epiphany. The thing about this industry that ungrounds people so often is fear. It’s the fear of not being accepted, not being enough, being compared, not being this or that…It’s just clutter! It just doesn’t need to be there.”

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