Seth Rogen Admits He Was A Bad Neighbour

Seth Rogen was a bad neighbour. The stand up comedian and known for his small role in Freaks and Geeks once used to push cheeseburgers through a postbox of a neighbour because the thirty two year old, who at this time is playing the part of Mac Radner in the new film Bad Neigbours said he and one of his fellow neighbours were going through an on going feud and felt much enjoyment pushing the stuff through his door. Speaking on the ‘Graham Norton Show’ last night (25.04.14), he said:

”I used to live with the actor Martin Starr and our neighbor hated us.

”We would go to McDonalds and shove cheeseburgers down in his mail slot.”

A co star of Rogen’s actor Aza Efron also reveals that he had a problem with neighbours in the past, he would get knocks on his window in the middle of the night. He explained:

”I lived in this case study house it was designed with all windows all around the house.

”In the middle of the night and there would be people tapping on the glass. I started keeping a samurai sword by my bed in case.”

Rogen says he understands why twenty six year old Efron was bothered by fans, because he thinks woman just can’t resist his his good looks and charm. He said of the ‘High School Musical’ star:

”There is no demographic that is not seduced by him.

”Women make a noise that I’ve never heard in my life when they see Zac. I could spend three hours with a woman and she would never make that sound.”

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