Scott Eastwood, 27, Admits If He Didn’t Act He’d Be A Fireman

resizedimageScott Eastwood would have been a fireman. He has done some acting and modeling and he is the son of the legendary actor Clint Eastwood. And he said if he didn’t decide to go into acting he would have chose to be a Fireman. He has also said that his father didn’t actively encourage him to act, and if he had chosen a different career path, he would have done another job which provides new challenges on a daily basis. He told Man of the World magazine:

”If I didn’t do this, I’d be a fireman; something super-active that challenges you and is different every day.

”Some of my earliest memories are being on set with my dad. That was just work – busy people all over the place with no noticeable degree of difference between them. There wasn’t some unusual quality called fame.

”Even when I eventually got camera time, I didn’t get special treatment. If anything, my dad was harder on me. My father never pressured any of [his children] to go into the movie business. All he ever said was, ‘Whatever you do, do your best at it.’ ”

Scott, who is twenty seven years old is falling down the same path as his father, he is not going to repeat him by being a cowboy as father became famous for this in the sixties. He added:

”I could’ve done a western years ago. I read a ton of scripts. The reality is that the new westerns are s**t. I wanted to play against all that.

”There’s more to me than acting. I don’t let acting control me. I wouldn’t know how to live an enjoyable life if I let it. F**k, it’s just make believe.”

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