Russell Crowe Left Devastated Praises Philip Seymour Hoffman!

Russel Crowe has praised Philip Seymour Hoffman. New Zealand Gladiator actor was left hurt and devastated over the news of his sad death. The Beautiful Mind star has many regrets now that actor is gone, dying from a drug overdose and that he never got to work with his good friend. He told the Mail On Sunday newspaper’s Event magazine:

”We never worked together and I would have loved to.

”He was a great bloke. We got along so well. Like everybody else I was devastated when I heard of his passing. He was a good friend.”

Crowe also expresses himself about getting older, as he will be fifty next month, and he says he is not celebrating he stopped when he turned forty eight. He added:

”You know, I was happy with every birthday up until I turned 48.

”For some reason there was something about 48 that I thought, ‘Oh f**k that! I’ve gone beyond the pale’. It didn’t sound like a happy age.”

He has children eleven year old Charlie and seven year old Tennyson, with ex-wife Danielle, he also talks how religion impacted his life. He said:

”I went to Sunday School and when I was older, I went to different churches – Anglican, Presbyterian, Catholic, I explored it all.

”I’ve had one of my boys baptised, Charlie, and we’ll have Tennyson baptised in the future.”

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