Rod Stewart Being Sued By Alleged Broken Nose Soccer Fan

Rod Stewart is being sued. The British rocker and one of the best selling music artists of all time is by a fan that is saying he his nose had been broken by a soccer ball. This lawsuit stems back from a 2012 concert during which the singer kicked a ball off the stage and into the crowd.

Mostafa Kashe is seeking roughly $10,000 from the singer because the kicked ball hit him in the face and broke his nose. Kashe is seeking a payout for lost wages, attorney’s fees and medical fees for some minor cosmetic surgery.

The lawsuit states that the singer kicked the ball with “sufficient force so as to potentially injure patrons” and that he “should have known” he could have injured someone. Stewart’s strong background in the sport apparently makes him dangerous with an inflated piece of synthetic leather.

The sixty nine year old is reportedly known for kicking balls towards his audience, he told
The Hollywood Reporter in 2013,

“I… try and lob them up in the air so people can see them coming. I was getting them up onto the third balcony at Caesars Palace, and the audience absolutely loved it.”

Officials at the venue asked him to stop kicking them so high because someone reaching for one could fall over.

TMZ caught up with the singer in Beverly Hills on Wednesday evening for a comment on the incident.

Also reported Stewart has not denied claims that he kicked the ball, he then gave his acknowledgment of the incident with a quick and witty comment.

“It’s a contact sport,” he said.

The suit was filed in Nevada’s Clark County Court on Monday. Stewart, the venue, Caesar’s Palace, and concert promoter AEG Live were all named as defendants, the latter because they were negligent and failed to warn fans about rogue soccer balls.

Kashe also claims he’s still suffering from physical and mental pain.

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