Robin Williams ‘Laughing & Discussing Movie Script’ One Night Before He Died

Robin Williams was laughing and discussing the superhero script just the night before his death. The Mrs Doubtfire star, who sadly passed away went to an art gallery reception with his third wife Susan Schneider just the night before he took his own life, and he was talking to his friend discussing a movie idea that he had. The Hook star was at the MINE Gallery in Fairfax, California, on Saturday night socializing for one hour.

According to police he committed suicide between 10.30pm on Sunday, and noon the following day.

The Oscar-winning actor had been the first person to purchase one of the sculptures of the artist Mark Jaeger, who makes giant superhero heads out of clay.

He was talking, a possible new movie about a homeless superhero.

Mr Jaeger told the Marin County Independent newspaper:

“I said ‘Robin, I’m enthused. I love the idea that it could be a movie but I don’t know how to do that.’ And he said ‘Oh, you just jot down some notes on a piece of paper.’ And I said ‘Then what?’

“And he said ‘Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. I’ll connect you with the right people and we can go through this process and I’ll help you through the process.’

“He was so generous. Every time I talked to him he had such a humility. I’m a nobody and he made me feel like my work is important.”

Also Williams had fought against demons of alcohol addiction for his entire adult life, however since 2006 he stayed sober.

Friends said the actor had been suffering from severe depression.

According to one report, he had recently started sleeping 18 hours a day in a room with blacked out windows.

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