‘Promised Land’ John Krasinski Is The Greatest Dad

John Krasinski is ‘the greatest dad’. The Office star (Jim Halpert) is thought of this by his thirty one year old wife Emily Blunt, who gave birth to a little girl, their first called Hazel in February. Blunt says his bond is very close to their daughter. Blunt also said on the ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Wednesday (14.05.14):

”He is the greatest dad. She loves him, just loves him.”

Blunt said that the Promised Land star is absolutely besotted with their baby girl. She said:

”She’s just stinking cute. Yeah, she’s so cute. She came out like ready for a photo shoot. She was like… just perfect.”

In July, 2010 the couple were married, says it took a long time to figure out the baby’s name. She said:

”I find it very stressful naming a human being.”

They eventually decided on Hazel after John found the name because,

”we both really like old lady names.”

Blunt thinks breast feeding helped her loose her baby weight. She said:

”No, I don’t know if other mothers had this, but I have found breastfeeding to be the thing [to lose weight]. My boobs also thought I had 12 children… I found that because I managed to produce a lot of milk, I don’t know why, it helped me lose the weight.”

She jokingly added:

”I could have been the wet nurse in medieval times because I could have fed the village while they all went to work,” adding that her breasts were like ”two enormous heads.”

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