Pop Idol Justin Bieber’s Mom Pattie Mallette Denies He’s Out Of Control?

UntitledJustin Bieber‘s mother is denying that he is out of control. She is saying to the Canadian pop idol’s friends that he just isn’t. Although he had been arrested for DUI, but Bieber still has all the support he needs and it is from his mom Pattie Mallette. She has commented that she believes he will come on top following this recent controversy. According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, she has told friends: ”Justin is not out of control.

”He has always been someone who has to do things his way. He will do the right and thing and he will come out on top.”

But there are problems in which he is facing, he alleged egg a neighbour’s house, and it has also been reported that Mallette would be ”devastated” if the drama kept coming and her son became even more controversial. An insider added:

”As far as Pattie is concerned, Justin can do no wrong.
”He is a real mummy’s boy and she would be devastated if that ever changed.”

There has been another star, WWE wrestling star Stone Cold Steve Austin who has spoken out to give Bieber some good advice.  ”Justin, straighten you act”

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