Pixie Lott Won’t Stay Friends With Any Of Her Exes!

resizedimage (1)Pixie Lott will not stay friends with her ex boyfriends. The English singer songwriter, known for hit single ‘All About Tonight’ thinks it’s unhealthy. Right now she is in a relationship with her model boyfriend Oliver Cheshire saying it is on the right track because when she breaks up with exes she looses all contact with them. When asked if it’s possible to stay friends with an ex, she said:

”It’s really hard, I think. I had a few flings before Oliver and we haven’t stayed friends, but I don’t know whether it would be healthy to anyway.”

The twenty three old also reveals that she has cut ties with some friends in the past, and it is one of hardest things to do. She said:

”If a friend turns out to be someone that you don’t like or can’t agree with, sometimes that’s when you should start questioning things. I think it’s part of growing up and it happens to a lot of people.”

She also says that her friends family are taken for granted by her, and if she could be just appreciate a little more she would do a good deed for a week. She told Top of the Pops magazine:

”Maybe I should ring my friends and family everyday. But then again, they might get annoyed with me telling them I love them all the time on the seventh day, ha-ha!”

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