Panic! At The Disco Concert Had To Be Evacuated!

resizedimagePanic! At The Disco concert was evacuated. The well known American rock band was in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday Night, February 7, 2014. over a cracking of the floor. During the incident hundreds of their fans had to be removed from the city’s historic Tabernacle venue as they were two songs into their show, the floor was just giving away. There was video footage taken just as the floor started to crack under the weight of crowd, when fire marshals began evacuating the audience. Gig-goer John Anderson told,

“The situation could have been much worse and a large crack developing in a floor with hundreds of people on it is a major problem. As somebody who was on the floor at the time, I am very appreciative that an expert was there doing their job so well, and that helped keep us safe.”

Unfortunately the concert was cancelled, the band apologized in a post on, writing,

“Atlanta you rocked so hard we literally broke the floor and you set the record for the shortest… show ever! Glad no one got hurt.”
Singer Brandon Urie added, “We broke the venue with our floor collapsing rock!… But don’t worry. We’re working on rescheduling the show.”

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