Nicolas Cage, 50, Obsessed With Dating Game Show, Applied

Nicolas Cage once auditioned for a dating show. He is known for many roles such as Honeymoon in Vegas and Red Rock West had applied to be a contestant. The star has sons twenty three year old Weston with his ex girlfriend Christina Fulton and eight Kal-El, with third wife Alice Kim really wanted to be on the reality show when he was just a teen, and at the age of fifteen he got accepted, but his father refused to let him take part. He said:

”My first audition I was underage. Only 15. Even that young I tried to be accepted on ‘The Dating Game.’

”I used to love seeing that, and always somehow managed to, although my father said I couldn’t watch it. Anyhow, he wouldn’t let me do the show.”

The star, now fifty years old says that his home life is very normal with his children. H also says that the future is his focus not his past glories. Speaking to the New York Post newspaper, he said:

”I’m a regular at- home dad to him — not some movie star. I play with him, go out with him, do all those parent-child things like any other father.

”I don’t play my old movies. Don’t look to make him see them. Don’t talk about those old days. I intend to maintain a normal, natural home life. I try to look at the future, not the past.

”The same with my Oscar. I’m living today. I’m a parent. I keep the totems away. My awards are safe. But they’re not in my home. The totems are in the past.”

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