Nicki Minaj Feels Her Voice Is Important (Video)

Nicki Minaj feels she is important. The Star, who’s real name is (Onika Tanya Maraj) and is a known rapper and songwriter thinks it’s her voice that is very important to the world. When the thirty one year old decided to take two years away from making music realized that being away from her talent showed her that it is quite important to continue to strive to be a ”mogul,”.

She said:

”I realised that my voice is very important to pop culture. It’s very important to hip hop culture. It’s just… very important.

”I can’t stop, I have to complete this mission. When I came into the game, i said I wanted to be a mogul and a lot of my fans want to see that come to fruition.”

Despite her self-confidence, Nicki was stunned when she was asked to remix ‘***Flawless’ for Beyonce recently.

She said:

”I got a call to do a song with Beyonce. I’m getting out of my Maybach, about to get in a private plane, and my manager calls me saying, ‘Beyonce wants you to remix ‘***Flawless’.’

”It was the one thing I never thought would happen in my career, and I was like, ‘My life is f***ing surreal.’ ”

She also reveals that to her it was amazing her collaboration with Eminem, 2010′s ‘Roman’s Revenge’.

She told Dazed and Confused magazine:

”It was witty, it was skilled, it was punchline after punchline after punchline.

”It featured Eminem! When I listen to it now, I can’t really believe it – that record took f***ing balls.”

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