Matthew McConaughey’s Mother ‘Proud’ Of His Humbleness And Sincerity

resizedimageMatthew McConaughey‘s mother is ‘proud’ of him. The former Dazed and Confused star has been given the Best Actor award at the Oscars for his role on Dallas Buyers Club last week. The forty four year old U-571‘s mom Kay McCabe however had been already though he was winner because of his kind-hearted and well-mannered personality. She told People magazine:

”Matthew makes me proud because he is very humble and sincere and a very thoughtful person. He is just a great son.”

She said she always knew her son, who has children five year old Levi, four year old Vida and fifteen month old son Livingston with his wife Camila Alves would make her proud as he would be a wonderful father and husband one day. She explained:

”I had no doubt when he decided to marry, which he took his time doing, that he would be a thoughtful, trustful husband.”

The former teacher also gives credit to his late father James, as he was a good role model. She explained:

”Well, he was brought up seeing his dad show these traits, and setting a good example is always the best teacher.”

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