Lily Allen’s Writes Good Songs When Unhappy

Lily Allen’s unhappy writing. The English singer songwriter, the daughter of film producer Keith Allen says it is when she is feeling hopeless that she can write good songs. The Smile vocalist says it’s not enjoying being away from her family admitting that’s when she is able to write new material.

It was in 2209 when the twenty nine year old took a break from her career starting a family. The star is married to painter and decorator Sam Cooper and share two children together, nineteen month old Marnie and two year old Ethel and admits that a settled family life is not conducive to making her best music. Speaking on BBC Radio 2, Lily explained:

”I kind of feel like I want to be happy in my mind, but at the same time I want to be unhappy so I can write some good songs!”

She adds that although she is content in her life being away from the music industry, she admits the time away from her young family during tours gives her the inspiration she needs in writing the new material. She explained:

”I find that when I’m sort of struggling emotionally, words come a little bit easier in the studio. So maybe that’s why I’ve decided to start writing now, because I’m sad when I’m not with my family.”

She added that she has ”no control” over her music career. She said:

”The actual industry side is messed up. I’ve got no control over a lot of it.

”They kind of made decisions for the wrong reasons. You deliver a body of work and then they basically put it into a market research machine and decide which singles will be released.”

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