Liberty Ross And Rupert Sanders ‘Weren’t Evolving’ Before Cheating Scandal

Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders ‘weren’t even evolving’. It has been reported that the British film director and the English model says they were at a standstill as a couple just before his cheating scandal affair with Twilight star Kristen Stewart. Also reported Ross and music mogul Jimmy Lovine are in a relationship and she is insisting that she has given her forgiveness to her forty three year old e and twenty four year old ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ actress, for causing their relationship to breakdown and end.

The 35-year-old star told Harper’s Bazaar magazine:

“People need to learn to forgive. I have no problem with anyone involved. I’m completely compassionate, I really am. No life is perfect, we all have our problems and issues and I believe that it’s good to be true to who you are.”

She added:

“Rupert and I were together since we were very, very young. I was 18–essentially, I married my first boyfriend. I always used to say we were more like a brother and sister anyway. We’d been together for so long, we weren’t really evolving together as a couple so much.”

Ross reveals this is behind her as she needs to move on for their children Sykla, eight, and Tennyson, six, she also says marriage in’t in her future as of yet.

She stated :

“Unfortunately, we live in a world where everything is so overexposed that it’s actually terrifying. I was horrified at how relentless and extraordinary going through something like that was.

“I was able to go and be somewhere secluded for a good month. And then when school went back, I had no choice but to be as strong a woman as I could be for the children.”

She said:

“Not now. I don’t know, gosh. I believe in love and I have no problems with marriage, but I need this time to be strengthening for me and I wouldn’t commit to anyone until I know I am the absolute best person I could be.”

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