Leslie Phillips Hospitalized Following Stroke His Wife Hopeful He’ll Pull Through

resizedimageLeslie Phillips has been hospitalized following a stroke. Known as an English ‘Carry On’ and ‘Doctor in Trouble‘, who is well known for his upper-class accent has been getting treatment by neurosurgery specialists since last night, August 22, 2014. According to his third wife Zara , he wed none months ago is saying don’t worry he will pull through this. She said:

”Leslie is very strong and I’m sure he will pull through. I love him to bits and I know his millions of fans will want to wish him well for the future.”

Zara – who married the 90-year-old in December – revealed he slumped on her shoulder last weekend while they were on the bus after a shopping trip, and he didn’t want her to ”cause a fuss”. She explained:

”Leslie suddenly started leaning on me and was unable to put a ticket in his coat pocket.

”He had terrible pains in his left arm so I stopped the bus and called an ambulance.

”He kept saying to me, ‘Don’t cause a fuss’ but I knew he was unwell and needed urgent help.”

Phillips’s voice was used in the Harry Potter films as the sorting hat.

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