Kris Jenner, 58, Involve Police In Alleged Compromising Footage!

Kris Jenner involves police in alleged sex tape scandal. the television personality and businesswoman says she is being extorted over an alleged blackmail plot. The fifty eight year old, who went her separated ways fro, her husband Bruce Jenner back in October following twenty two years of being in a relationship has reportedly being bothered so many time a day by a person who is claiming he has his hands on some X-rated footage of the Kardashian. She however is defending herself saying there is no tape, and it is all a lie.

According to gossip website TMZ, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies went to the star’s house on Tuesday (25.03.14) and took a report, which says Kris has been receiving up to 300 phone calls, voice mails and texts a day for the last few weeks from the person who is threatening to expose the compromising footage.

What she is also saying is that the caller changes his story at times, he says it’s her daughter Khloe Kardashian who is on the tape and not her.

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