Kerry Katona’s Baby’s Breathing Stopped At Birth

Kerry Katona‘s baby had stopped breathing at birth time. The English singer. a member of the girl group Atomic Kitten did for eight minutes following the birth. The also reality star and her fiancé George Kay were quite panicked when their newborn little girl called Dylan-Jorge was changing to the color blue when just following the delivery her heart stopped. She realize that her happy moment tuner into a nightmare. The 33-year-old blonde said:

”We’re over the moon George and I are both crying at how absolutely beautiful she is. Then I had a weird sensation that something wasn’t right. She wasn’t making a noise… but she was moving.

”Ten minutes after giving birth she was on my chest and she collapsed. She stopped breathing and her heart stopped.’

George added:

”Next thing the midwives are taking the baby off us and started reviving her. A crash team came running in and they took her to the other side of the room. Kerry’s shaking and screaming, ‘Where’s my baby?’ She was covered in fake tan at the time and the colour just drained from her.

”I leant across Kerry so she couldn’t see what was going on. They were trying to revive Dylan, who was going blue behind me, and Kerry’s just full of tears on the bed.”

Hoverer, it was like a miracle she was revived, but then Katona, herself was died when her  placenta ruptured inside of her. She recounted:

”I was losing loads and loads of blood because the placenta didn’t come out and it burst inside me. I was in shock. They manually took out the placenta.

”I was just screaming and lying on the operating table with all these lights above me. Then I start throwing up everywhere and George is crying. You bargain with God, ‘Please let her survive and take me’. I thought, ‘This is it, we’re both going to die.’ ”

George explained:

”In my lifetime I’ve seen some horrific things but the thought of losing your two most loved people at the same time… I was a mess.”

Katona, already has children twelve year old Molly and eleven year old Lily Sue with her first husband Brian McFadden and Heidi, seven, and son Max, five, with second husband Mark Croft. Well Katona has made a full recovery, and now wants to spend just some quality time with her new family addition.

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