Kerry Katona Convinced That Her Life ‘Like A Car Crash”For Ever

Kerry Katona worries that her life will always be like a car crash. She is an English singer and a media personality. She has been seen on television and reality shows. She is also a member of the girl group Atomic Kitten and she and George Kay are now married and they share a seven-month-old daughter called Dylan-Jorge together and as she confesses that she feels that her life will be “be s**t at times.”The star, who is thirty four years old has had fought against demons in the past for drug addiction well she tells the The Daily Star newspaper:

“Life throws all kinds of hurdles at you and I’m sure there is going to be much, much more to come my way as time goes on.

“Because that’s life.

“I’ve had so much bad luck over the years but that’s the way it goes.

“I just know my life is going to be s*** at times.”

It was in September when the couple married and was two months before that when she had a meltdown.

Ane although she is hoping a fairytale ending, there is no way she can predict if the marriage will last forever.

She said:

“We’ve not got this perfect relationship, this fairytale Cinderella happy ending. It doesn’t exist.

“We will argue. My mood swings can be outrageous. But it is how you deal with the problem and how you react as a couple. And being a team. And working at it.

“I can’t predict this marriage is going to last forever. If there are two people in a relationship and one wants to get out there’s nothing I can do to control that.

“But I’m an old-fashioned person. I believe in that fairytale wedding. It hasn’t worked in the past but does that mean I have to give up on it? I’m giving this one a go.”

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