Kelly Rowland Thinks Woman Are Just Beautiful Creatures

resizedimageKelly Rowland says woman are beautiful creatures. She is an American singer and television personality and a former member of the girl group Destiny’s Child says that in fact she is a feminist and is adamant women are the “most incredible creatures on earth”, saying men are just from another planet. The thirty three year old jokes around that females rule. She told the

“I am a feminist! I believe women are the most incredible creatures on earth. I think men are truly from a different planet because our planet is the s**t. It’s just all our own and we’re just amazing creatures. God knew exactly what he was doing.”

Also for Rowland she is looking forward to working on her next record which will be her expressing her feelings about being a woman with a career. She added:

“I’m super excited to get back in the studio, you have no idea. It’s actually been the main thing on my brain because I feel like I have so much to say at this point in my life, as a woman, as a woman with a moving career and great people around me, other great women around me who are going through different things … life.”

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