Kelly Osbourne,29, Enjoying Being Single!

Kelly Osbourne says she is happy being single. the twenty nine year old English singer also says she would like to stay this way fro a very long time. Back in January she was in a relationship with Matthew Mosshart in January, but their relationship ended. She now says she is getting much enjoyment from her life as it is right  now. And doesn’t even think about the thought to  settle down and ”get married” in the future. She told the Mail on Sunday newspaper’s You magazine:

”I plan on being single for a very, very long time. No, I don’t think it’s possible for someone to sweep me off my feet right now.

”I’m really enjoying my life … I don’t now if I will ever get married. I think my views on marriage are changing as I get older – not out of heartache, it’s just that the world is changing.

”But if I ever do get married, I’m never changing my last name.”

She also thinks that she would be good at motherhood, but thinks she is not ready for the commitment as of yet seeing how much work her brother Jack puts into his daughter Pearl. She added:

”I think I’d be a good mum. But I see with Pearl how much work it is and how you have to be hands-on at all times.

”One minute she’s there and then, all of sudden, you think, ‘Where the hell has she gone?’ It’s a big responsibility. I am not ready for that yet.”

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