Kelly Osbourne Wants To Help Bankroll Her Parents’ Retirement

Kelly Osbourne to help with her parents in retirement. She is a popular English singer songwriter, and she is the daughter of Rocker Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne and the twenty nine year old is looking to make enough money so her parents never have to work again. She says her mom, who is sixty two years old is a shopaholic and her father are worth an estimated £130 million deal with t ”too much s**t” to keep working as they get even older.

She said: ”My dream is to make enough money doing what I love so that my parents never have to work again and I can look after them.

”They’ve been through too much s**t, it’s enough already.”

She would like it if her Dad can stop singing when he is still around. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant also gives many thanks to her parents for all they gave her through her life, and she wishes when the time comes to quit working they will travel.

Speaking to Fairfax Media, she added: ‘

‘They run a huge business and I want eventually for them to be able to be that couple on a yacht travelling the world and not have to worry about anything, because they’ve given me so much. It’s time for us to look after them.”

The Osbournes have gone through allot in the past years. Their son Jack Osbourne had been given the diagnoses of multiple sclerosis. Ozzy had an almost fatal quad bike accident and Sharon walked out on Ozzy when he took up drinking and abusing prescription drugs again.

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