Keira Knightley Apologizes Following Drinking Gets Paranoid About Behavior

resizedimageKeira Knightley apologizes after drinking. The former Star Wars actress (Sabe) has been worrying about her misbehavoir following drinking all night. The star, who is now twenty eight years old and played the par of the loveley Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates of the Carribbean is a bit wondering what she may have been up to because when she spends some time with friends admits alcohol puts her into a rude mood.

She told Metro newspaper:

“Oh Christ, I’m always apologizing for when I think I have been ‘off’ on a night out. The next day you suddenly think: ‘Oh my God, I think I was really rude.”

Drinking isn’t the only thing Keira – who is married to Klaxons keyboardist James Righton – gets paranoid about, as she claims her busy schedule and jet-set lifestyle make her worried that she may one day appear naked in public after forgetting to put clothes on. She laughed:

“I flew into LA from London, straight into hair and make-up, straight onto a red carpet and you think: ‘Am I dreaming one of those dreams where I’ve forgotten to put my dress on?’ And you keep looking down, going, ‘No, it’s all right, I’m wearing clothes!’ “

She doesn’t like the way drinking affects her, but she did admit if the world were to end she would turns to it.

Discussing what she would do if the apocalypse was near, she said:

“We’d be dancing a lot and drinking a lot of [alcohol]. But not beer. I don’t like beer. Wine, vodka, whiskey … anything to make me forget about what’s happening outside. I wouldn’t want to be sober at the end of the world. Oh, and we’d get some chocolate cake and eat until the world exploded.”

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