Kate Hudson Doesn’t Dress For Her Fiancé Matt Bellamy

Kate Hudson doesn’t dress for her fiancé. In 2001 she became known fro her role in Almost Famous and she says she dresses for herself and her girlfriends and not for the approval of her fiancé Matt Bellamy. The thirty five year old then acted in other movies such as The Skeleton Key and Bride Wars says she wears what she like rather than for the Muse frontman, whom she has been in relationship for four years. Speaking to E! News, she explained:

”Matt’s not fussy. Matt likes feminine. Sometimes I’ll come out in something low cut and tight, but if I come out in like a flowy dress, Matt likes that. But I don’t dress for Matt! I dress for my girlfriends! I dress for me and my girlfriends.

”Girls dress for each other, don’t we? Guys don’t really care what we wear and they don’t get it.”

The star is engaged and just recently she mentioned she would like to get married ”sooner rather than later”. Hudson has children ten year old Ryder from her previous marriage to Chris Robinson and two-year-old son Bingham with Matt says Summer is not good because the couple’s careers are just to busy at this time.

She said:

”We still don’t have any plans to get married, but eventually we will… probably sooner rather than later.”

She said:

”We got a busy summer. We’re really looking forward to it. I’m shooting a movie and so you know, we’re doing a bunch this summer.”

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