Justin Long On The Mend From Surgery

Justin Long is in recovering mode. The former Jeepers Creepers actor is on the mend from Hernia surgery last week ending September 14, 2014. He was born in Fairfield, Connecticut, his father, Raymond James Long, a Philosophy and Latin professor at Fairfield University, and mother, Wendy Lesniak, a former actress who has mostly appeared on stage. It was on September 15, 2014 Monday when he had been a guest on the Andy Cohen’s late night show Watch What Happens Live, then what happened, just before the programme started, the excited host jumped into Long’s arms to greet him, straddling him with his legs.

However, Cohen had no idea Long was recovering from the procedure, and the actor recalled the harrowing moment on live Tv and said, “It’s a move I’m very familiar with, because I am a monkey, like Andy is, and I do that to people all the time.

“But what Andy didn’t know is that a couple (of) seconds before he did that, I was going through my head, ‘I wonder if I should tell Andy that I had hernia surgery four days ago’, which I did. I had laparoscopic hernia surgery.”
Cohen posted a photo on his Instagram account and Long responded over Twitter,

“What the audience can’t see is the 5 day-old surgically implanted hernia patch, now struggling, to hold my intestines in!”

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