Joss Stone Admits She Had ‘Terrible Times’ With Relationships!

Joss Stone had ‘terrible times’ with relationships. She is known to be an English soul singer and actress has gone through some hard things when it comes to her romances. The You Had Me vocalist had been in a relationship with her childhood sweetheart Danny Radford but last year they parted ways. She seems to be in happy relationship with someone, as she seems to be happy she moved on from being unlucky in love.

She said:

”I don’t want to say who he is, but it’s so great to have a nice man.

”I’ve been through some terrible times with relationships and it’s not fun. It has made me pretty cynical and unfortunately that’s something my boyfriend has to deal with. However, that’s my past talking. If I didn’t have those experiences, I’d have nothing to write songs about.”

Joss has such a hectic schedule, as she spending many upcoming months away from her new beau, she’s been dating for one and a half years. She has also said she is more upset about leaving her beloved dogs at home.

She told Britain’s HELLO! magazine:

”I miss my dogs a lot too, especially when I see other dogs. I worry they’ll forget me. My rottweiler gets upset with me – connected, Missy and me, she’s my little soulmate.”

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