Josh Brolin Is Quite ‘Embarrassed Over Teen Pregnancy!

Josh Brolin feels dumb over teen pregnancy. the former The Goonies star actually is quite embarrassed that his girlfriend, who just nineteen years old was pregnant with  his child. The forty six year old No Country for Old Men, who is now forty six years old has two children twenty five year old Trevor and nineteen year old Eden. wit Alice Adair, who was his first wife now thinks that he just an idiot to have started his family life at such a young age, he also says that people around him told him not to do it. Discussing what he was doing in September 1987, the time his new movie ‘Labor Day’ is set, he said:

”I was acting in a TV series called ‘Private Eye’. And I was getting ready to have my first kid. And everyone told me I shouldn’t. Well, I was an idiot. A 19-year-old guy riding on a Harley-Davidson, so embarrassingly dumb. But she got pregnant and that’s what happened.”

But now, he says he wouldn’t have done things differently as his life has changed in a such a good way, and e and Adair are still very close. He was also married to Diane Lane for nine years, added, The Guardian newspaper:

”It was good. She was the mother of my children. I’m still best friends with her. I ended up having two amazing kids, so it turned out OK.

”No, that was a good year. That was my favourite year. It was the year my whole life changed. I had kids and I started doing theatre.”

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